Hostel Facilities and Food Court

Objectives: The Hostel facility has been designed, constructed and maintained keeping in view the comfort for students and to maintain environment of hostel conducive for learning.

Hostel life is one of the most enjoyable times of one’s life and this is no exception as far as Podar Hostel is concerned. Every hostel in the institute gives each individual ample opportunity to develop many qualities. The comfortable atmosphere, the air of geniality and joviality makes everyone feels at home. After the initial home sickness, it actually does feel like a home in the later stages.

Hostel life revolves basically around discipline, duty and devotion. Where these three are concerned much is expected from students. A very high standard of discipline is demanded. Infringement of discipline would be viewed gravely by the hostel authorities; students must therefore ensure that there is absolutely no lapse on their part on this count.

For girls, the Trust provides a separate hostel facility with vegetarian food. The residential facility is provided on priority to the students of P G & Professional Courses at Management Institute (PIMS). The Girls belonging to any faculty / Program can avail the hostel facility. The hostel and mess facilities ensure that students get a homely environment and can stay comfortably. Hostels also have internet and recreation facilities.

Hostel Admission

  1. Hostel Facility is available for Boys and Girls in separately.
  2. Admission is open for any student who has confirmed regular admission in the College.
  3.  Application Form fee is Rs 100/-
  4. Lodging Charges (Ordinary Accommodation Rs. 18000/-, With Air Color Rs. 35000/- and With AC Rs. 55000/-).
  5. Boarding Charge (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) Rs. 140/- Per Day.
  6. Caution money is Rs 2000/- (refundable)
  7. Student should note all relevant rules before confirming admission in hostel.

Hostel Rules and Regulations

A. Discipline

  1. The applicant and his parent/guardian are requested to see all the facilities available in the hostel. After taking admission in the hostel no demand for any kind of facility will be entertained. Demanding for the additional facility will be deemed as indiscipline.
    2. There may be interruption in services due to unforeseen circumstances. The hosteller will have to bear the inconvenience caused to them.
    3. All hostel residents are instructed to get their luggage checked by the warden/any authority appointed by the institution before occupying the room or at any time as the need be.
    4. The use of electrical appliances like room heater, electric press, transistor, tape recorders etc. are not allowed in the room.
    5. Hostellers should strictly follow the time table of the hostel as per separate sheet.
    6. Silence must be maintained in the hostel campus.
    7. Television and lights must be switched off by 9.00 PM and 11.00 PM respectively.
    8. Smoking, Drinking, Chewing Gutka Pan Masala, Chewing Gums are strictly prohibited in the room/Hostel campus. Anybody found using any of these would be punished by the warden.
    9. No boarder should loiter in the hostel campus during study hours.
    10. Once the room is allocated at the beginning of the session the boarder should not ask for a change of room. The boarder should maintain cordial relationship with the roommate(s), and abstain from using abusive language.
    11. Hosteller are supposed to give due respect to their elders.
    12. No room should be kept unlocked if there is no one in the room and the last person after locking should leave the keys with the security in charge.
    13. No one is allowed to cook any kind of food in the hostel rooms and bring non vegetarian food in hostel campus.
    14. No Hosteller should stay in hostel during school/college hours. He/she must attend the school/college regularly.
    15. In case of emergency like illness, the hosteller should send a written leave application duly countersigned by the warden to head of the institution.

B. Visitation Rights and Outgoings

  1. The applicant must bring three copies of passport size recent photographs as follows:-
    (a) One each of parent/guardians who will visit the hostel.
    (b) One of local guardian introduced by the parents.
    (c) One of his/her own.
    2. Parents/guardians and local guardian can meet their wards from Monday to Saturday between 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm and on Sunday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm
    3. Any resident going out of Nawalgarh should take written permission from the warden.
    4. They must sign out and sign in when leaving the hostel and return to the hostel every day and should be back by 6:30 pm.
    5. Guardians visiting their wards should not enter the hostel directly. They may send a request to the warden who will then call the ward to meet his/her parents/guardian.
    6. They will be allowed to visit their native place only on getting the written application from parents.

C. Cleanliness, Health and Hygiene

  1. Cleanliness must be maintained in the room and around the hostel. The beds should be made daily and the room should always remain in presentable condition.
    2. A person suffering from any hazardous disease remain will not be allowed to remain in the hostel.

D. Hostel Property usage

  1. All fans, lights and cooler must be switched off when not in use.
    2. Boarders should turn off the tape after use.
    3. Any kind of misbehavior with employees of hostel and misuse of the hostel property will be treated as indiscipline and may lead to strict discipline action and the accused may be rusticated from the hostel.
    4. The boarder will have to vacate the room and get the ‘No Dues’ within seven days of his/her last annual examination.

E. Hostel Mess

  1. While having breakfast, lunch and dinner in the dining hall all hostel residents must be properly dressed.
    2. Breakfast, Lunch and dinner should be taken in the dining hall only and as per the Mess time table given on separate sheet. No request for any change in timetable/menu will be entertained.

F. Hostel fees & Deposited

1. The total hostel fees on the annual basis however, the total hostel fees will be collected in two installments as per separate sheet. 60% of the total hostel fees will be charged as the first installment, at the time of admission in hostel. The remaining 40% will be charged as the second installment, which will fall due on the first working day of October.

The boarder will be required to deposit the second installment within 15 days of it is falling due date without any penalty. Boarders failing to deposit the second installment by the above prescribed date, and if permitted to continue in the hostel, will be charged penalty @Rs 50/- per day up to further 15 days. There after he/she will not be allowed to reside in the hostel.

If the hosteller decides to leave the hostel in mid-session, He/ She shall have to deposit the second installment of fee failing which ‘No Dues’ certificate will not be issued to him/her.
2. Boarder will be required to deposit security money, which is refundable on leaving hostel and producing the ‘No Dues’ certificate as per separate sheet.
3. Such boarder who are eligible and intend to continue their studies in Podar institution in the next session may request to put their bedding in the cloak room during the summer break on payment as per rules.
4. Boarder request the facility of the cloak room will prepare a list of bedding items and hand it over to the warden and get the receipt for the same. To get back the bedding this receipt will have to be produced.
5. Boarders are advised (A) not to keep with them valuable of any nature and kind and (B) not to keep with them cash exceeding Rs 500/-. Excess cash can be deposited with the college/school cashier and a receipt may be taken for the deposit. If the boarder ignores this advice, they do it at their own risk. The management is in no way responsible for the loss/theft etc. of the valuable/cash of the hosteller.
6. If any boarder leaves the hostel on his own accord in mid of the session and thereafter requests to rejoin the hostel in the same session, he will be required to pay Rs 500/- regarding processing charges and all the dues, if any, outstanding against him.

Food Court

A well maintained college canteen is operated by catering professionals. Students are offered a wide-range of snacks, beverages, and a variety of dishes and vegetarian only meals.

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