The College Library is one of the oldest and richest libraries in Rajasthan. It has equipped a large collection of books by Indian and Foreign authors. It has an open-shelf system for access to 80,000 books and exclusive collection of encyclopedias, It subscribes in large number daily news papers, magazines, journals and information bulletins of repute. Apart from the journals and the textbooks, the library maintains a rich Reference Section for year books, rare collections encyclopedia and dictionaries.

For the convenience of functioning, the library is divided into four sections:

(i) General Section
(ii) Text Book Section
(iii) Reference Section
(iv) Book Bank.

The Regulatory System of the Library:

(a) The library cards issued to students are non-transferable. The card holder has to bear the entire responsibility of the misuse or loss of cards.
(b) The No-Dues Certificate from the library will be issued only after the surrender of the cards.
(c) The loss of library card(s) should be immediately reported to the Librarian. The new (duplicate) cards can only be issued on payment of Rs. 5/- per card.
(d) Books are issued for a maximum period of two weeks (fourteen days). The borrower has to pay a fine of Rs. 1/- per day per book for the delay in returning the books.
(e) For a lost book, the borrower shall have to either replace the book along with the delay charges, or pay the current/ double price of the book (whichever is higher).
(f) The Students found guilty of stealing books or magazines shall have to pay a penalty amounting to ten times of the price of the book(s) or magazine(s).
(g) The production of the college Identity Card is a mandatory requirement to enter any part of the library.
(h) Students desirous of keeping books during examinations must deposit security money of Rs. 1000/- in case of U G classes and Rs 1500/- in case of P G classes or full price of the books whichever is more.
(i) Security money will be refunded to students on submission the ‘No Dues’ Certificate from the library.

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